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Helping to Move Water Utilities Into the Digital Age

VTScada™ uses a unique architecture that integrates all core HMI SCADA software features into a single, easy-to-use, and extremely cost-effective package. This best of breeds solution includes optional components which can be unlocked by simply updating the VTScada™ software license key. In addition to reducing development time, this ensures that critical SCADA software features like Alarm Notification remains tightly integrated over the entire life of your system.

A utility’s supervisory control solution, when present, is often the most siloed system in their portfolio. Seasonal and demand-based fluctuations are often planned for in other departments and paper operational strategy handbooks deliver decision support to operators.

Last minute critical events are handled as emergency conditions, providing minimal flexibility, highest cost, and phone-based decision communications. Sometimes control rooms are ‘operating blind’ to the external conditions and factors which impact decisions – a less than ideal circumstance.

IWS puts decision makers and control room operators in the driver’s seat by integrating SCADA solutions with other organizational knowledge systems. By linking real-time asset condition monitoring, GIS, and maintenance work-orders, IWS delivers a “smart” SCADA system which includes operating recommendations from machine learning. Of course, the control room always maintains active, human-in-the-loop control of the utility system, but in the digital organization, now their decisions are well informed with organization-wide insights.

During these unprecedented times, small- to medium-sized utilities are under even more pressure to “do more with less.” Utilities must meet regulatory requirements and sustain operations even when revenue fails. Under these operating conditions, a “smart” SCADA implementation can de-risk utility silos, clarify expenses, and decrease rate-payer impacts and outages.

Let the IWS team’s industry experience help your organization realize the benefits of SCADA rapidly – IWS has a Small System Starter Plan designed to stretch operations budget and deliver ROI during the pandemic. Contact IWS to start saving today!