Machine Learning for Asset Failure Prevention

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Helping to Move Water Utilities Into the Digital Age

NEER™ is a comprehensive integrated real-time water management platform. NEER™ uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically Machine Learning, to model and assess the risk condition of delivery assets within drinking water distribution, sewer, and stormwater collection systems. The NEER™ platform includes distinct modules for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater to plan, analyze, and manage different utility systems.

Trying to understand the lifespan of critical utility assets by using spreadsheets and maintenance reports creates an impossible challenge to utility engineers. Differences in operating conditions, maintenance intervals, equipment standards, asset service life, and environmental factors all contribute to this challenge. Utility engineers are stretched to their limits evaluating service conditions and planning asset replacement. Many utilities rely simply on age-of-asset and infrequent condition inspections to drive asset replacement.

As a result, utilities experience catastrophic asset failures in some areas of the delivery system, while other assets are replaced far too early in their lifespan. Root cause failures typically go undetected, and both operating and capital expenses exceed desired levels.

IWS delivers the NEER™ real-time utility management solution to improve utility asset insights. NEER consumes existing asset history and condition assessment results into Machine Learning A.I. for predictive maintenance recommendations. Our shared objective is to find the highest-consequence assets early during the Machine Language implementation, then continue refinement to improve on initial results. Insights from the ML analyses feed both maintenance and capital planning recommendations. IWS customers can start small with NEER™ and realize early benefits through recovery of operating expenses.

During these unprecedented times, small- to medium-sized utilities are under even more pressure to “do more with less.” Utilities must meet regulatory requirements and sustain operations even when revenue fails. Under these operating conditions, a “smart” utility management implementation can de-risk utility silos, clarify expenses, and optimize capital plans.

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