Remote Monitoring for Enhanced Compliance

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Helping to Move Water Utilities Into the Digital Age

Ayyeka™ Industrial IoT solutions for remote monitoring enable asset owners and operators to achieve enhanced compliance and improved efficiency across the board. Hardware, software, and digital services are merged to deliver an end-to-end experience and value when connecting asset and infrastructure networks to data systems.

Frequent, expensive truck rolls, manually recording condition assessments, and time-consuming compliance tasks are limiting many utilities from conducting more effective, focused operations activities. Paying per-occurrence penalties for unregulated discharges bleed rate-payer value out of your operating budget. While ignoring these activities can add up to asset failures and increased maintenance costs in the long term, utilities are faced with the difficult task of deciding which monitoring activities to perform with a decreasing budget.

Some remote monitoring solutions claim to resolve these common issues, and solutions providers claim to repair troubled operational processes. However, most remote monitoring solutions are siloed, adding complexity and risk to regulatory compliance workflows. Other solutions offer only one piece of the monitoring puzzle (the sensor) while data backhaul communications are left to the responsibility of the utility.

IWS delivers a comprehensive remote monitoring solution which includes sensors, communications, data archiving, analysis, and compliance reporting. Ayyeka Wavelet solutions allow for a small initial monitoring program which can expand over time as the utility’s monitoring needs grow. IWS partners with Ayyeka™ to find the highest-consequence assets early during Wavelet implementation. The installed monitoring solutions report sensor insights and even captures photos and video to resolve compliance issues easily and proactively. IWS customers start small with remote monitoring and realize early benefits by eliminating un-needed truck rolls and reduced critical asset repair activities.

During these unprecedented times, small- to medium-sized utilities are under even more pressure to “do more with less.” Utilities must meet regulatory requirements and sustain operations even when revenue fails. Under these operating conditions, a “smart” remote monitoring implementation can de-risk utility silos, reduce maintenance expenses, and simplify compliance management.

Let the IWS team’s industry experience help your organization realize the benefits of remote monitoring rapidly – IWS has a Small System Starter Plan designed to stretch operations budget and deliver ROI during the pandemic. Contact IWS to start saving today!