Condition Assessment Insights Simplified

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Helping to Move Water Utilities Into the Digital Age

t4 Spatial™ provides a robust cloud solution that automatically organizes, stores, and presents any sewer inspection data in a shareable format. Users simply drag and drop video files “as-is” from the job site or office into the t4App™ and t4Vault™ will do the rest – making the data instantly accessible in the form of an organized and detailed report.

Maintenance operators should not have to spend time organizing, managing, and revisiting condition assessment videos; they should be making informed decisions about repair, rehabilitation, and replacement work plans and activities. If your utility spends too much time managing their condition assessment reports and not enough time improving asset conditions, then inefficiency is costing your utility critical operating value.

Most efforts to streamline asset condition assessment only increase operations complexity because they are not integrated into complimentary work-streams. Don’t waste time grouping videos by year, or by proximity, or by asset-size, only to evaluate the outcome manually before determining an asset rehabilitation strategy.

IWS partners with t4 Spatial to integrate condition assessment results with real-time asset monitoring and performance management capabilities. By including these valuable field results in maintenance planning workflows, IWS provides seamless insights into field condition and asset metrics such as maintenance cycle, asset longevity, and localized environmental factors. The result is an informed maintenance planning cycle with field evidence to support decisions, minimize operational costs, and maximize value.

During these unprecedented times, small- to medium-sized utilities are under even more pressure to “do more with less.” Utilities must meet regulatory requirements and sustain operations even when revenue fails. Under these operating conditions, a “smart” condition assessment implementation can de-risk utility silos, clarify expenses, and optimize maintenance plans.

Let the IWS team’s industry experience help your organization realize the benefits of condition assessment rapidly – IWS has a Small System Starter Plan designed to stretch operations budget and deliver ROI during the pandemic. Contact IWS to start saving today!