Ensure Security Across Utility Operations

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Helping to Move Water Utilities Into the Digital Age

IWS partners with Zartech™ cybersecurity practice to bring together a team of advisors who leverage their experience and expertise across information security, technology, and professional services to meet clients’ unique cybersecurity needs. Our top-notch cybersecurity advisors have been senior-level practitioners at some of the largest companies and government organizations in the world. We can act in an advisory capacity, working with the Board, management, or audit team to address very specific risk management concerns.

Utilities are coming under increasing attacks from cyber criminals and terrorists, who seek to paralyze operations and prevent even the most basic utility activities: Delivery of essential services. Regulatory groups across the U.S. call for utilities to improve their compliance with mandatory Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reliability standards as well as their overall cybersecurity posture. Placing additional security measures throughout utility operations introduces barriers to cross-system integrations, if not addressed as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity integration plan.

IWS strategically partners with Zartech™ to deliver utility performance optimization solutions which include cybersecurity best practices. We understand that small- to medium-sized utilities rarely have capacity to undertake cybersecurity risk and compliance assessments, or enact vendor and data security assurance measures. IWS takes the added complexity out of including a comprehensive cybersecurity posture within your utility performance solution.

IWS includes cybersecurity at the heart of each of utility performance recommendations. Every partner technology is carefully selected to comply with best practices for critical infrastructure protection security. IWS customers benefit from our strategic relationships to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity assessments and assurance reporting in order to ensure customer safety while driving down the cost of safely operating your utility.

During these unprecedented times, small- to medium-sized utilities are under even more pressure to “work both smarter and safely.” Utilities must meet regulatory requirements and sustain operations even when revenue fails. Under these operating conditions, a “smart” asset performance implementation which includes cybersecurity assurance can lower costs, de-risk utility silos, and improve stakeholder confidence.

Let the IWS team’s industry experience help your organization realize the benefits of cybersecurity management rapidly – IWS has a Small System Starter Plan designed to stretch operations budget and deliver ROI during the pandemic. Contact IWS to start saving today!