Innovation for the Modern Utility


Optimized Asset Performance Across Utility Operations

Today’s Utility Organzations face challenges making it costly, complex, and time-consuming to gain insights into the performance of assets and systems.

IWS delivers best-in-brand solutions for eliminating barriers across your organization’s data by de-risking system integrations, exposing value within performance indicators, and achieving insights through machine language based Deep Learning.

Real Time Data

IoT sensors installed at critical locations within the Utility Network expose key performance indicators.

Deep Learning

Machine Learning analysis of Asset Perfomance trends, utilization, age, condition, criticality and more.

Value insights

Plan Maintenance and Capital Expenditures with Cost Savings, Ease, and Effectiveness.


Safe And Secure

On-Premise and Cloud Secure using Encrypted Access methods via TLS1.2

Asset Insights Across Utility Sectors

Water, Storm Water, Electtric, Natural Gas, and Oil utilities benefit from increased asset lifespan, decreased operating and capital costs, and simplified understanding of their asset expenditures through de-risked, integrated, predictive asset performance models.

Leaders in Digital Transformation for Municipal Utilities

IWS delivers a simple, convenient, and effective solution to realizing cost savings across the asset lifecycle.  By extracting critical performance data in real-time, exposing actionable systems management recommendations, and reporting predictive asset failures, utilities can reduce capital expenses by up to 30% while reducing operating costs up to 20%.


Average Capital Expense Reduction

Municipalities Served


Average Operating Cost Savings

Expert Integrations with Existing Systems

Today’s Municipal Utilities have numerous possible systems in place.  IWS both supplies and/or seamlessly integrates to de-risk and reduce complexity with existing systems such as:

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Workorder Management (WMS)
  • Fieldforce / Vehicle Management
  • Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)
  • SCADA / Telemetry / Data Historians

Innovative Technology at Your Fingertips

IWS consolidates the Utility Asset Performance Value Chain with IoT sensors, cellular transponders, GIS, WMS, and predictive analytics into an easy-to-use solution for utilities.